Thursday, March 11, 2010

.let's talk about adoption.

hey ladies. it's me again. i really need your help now. i'm not sure if any of you know, but i actually miscarried last week...i know, ugh. and my dr. doesn't feel like we'll get much better results with another ivf... i think we'll still do one more in vegas cause we paid for it, but we are FOR SURE beginning the adoption process. and as i have prayed about adoption...i haven't felt peaceful about starting it, until this past sunday. my husband and i now KNOW that heavenly father is preparing the way for a baby to come to us and we want to listen. i'm almost sure we'll be using LDSFS so any ladies that have tips and info about how to make this smooth. i have requested the info packet and will attend the orientation in april...but are there other things i can be doing with our house, or with the profiles, etc?? we're SO excited... i finally feel normal again...and not so broken?

love you all.