Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adoption, anyone?

My friend contacted me the other day about a private adoption agency here in Utah that is looking for adoptive families.  I called them and spoke to someone named Dave who was super-nice and very helpful.  He mentioned that right now they are looking for adoptive couples because they have several birth-moms who haven't found the right families for their babies yet.  Right now they have 10 african american birth-mothers (one of whom just placed her baby yesterday) two are due in the next two weeks and the remaining 7 are due in the next two months.  The agency itself seems great (I googled them and only found one dispute with them from an out-of-state birth-father who wanted custody.), but since it is a private agency, the costs are significantly higher than LDS Family.  Dave said that they are on par with the national average of between $25K to $40K.  He also mentioned that they have on average about 110 placements a year and right now they only have about 40 couples in their system which means that their wait times tend to be significantly shorter than LDS Family's and range anywhere from around 2 weeks to 2 years.  The name of the agency is The Adoption Center of Choice and can be found here.  The phone number for adoptive parents is 801-224-2440.  I don't know if they will place with adoptive couples outside of Utah, so you might want to check if you decide to call.

As for us, the latest that we hear through the grapevine is that our birthmom will be coming to Utah either right before the baby is born or right afterward so that she can buy all the baby stuff here and haul it back to Illinois with her.  Bless her parents for being perceptive in knowing that she mainly wants to show the baby to her friends back here (her parents are more than ticked off at her), they told her that she could probably order most, if not all of it by mail, and that there was no reason to come.  We, of course, hear nothing about it from her, even though we've talked to her several times.

And yet with loads of prayers and fasting, we've managed to find peace with the situation.  We still hope she decides to place him, but if not, we know that Heavenly Father is in charge and knows what is best for our family...whatever that may be.