Thursday, August 23, 2012

The end and the beginning....

The end of our adoption journey looked like this:

A tiny baby boy born June 3rd. 

A TOTAL surprise, we read about his situation the morning of June 8th, found out we'd been chosen by the birth-mother that night, left June 9th to travel the 10+ hours it would take us to get to him, met his birth-family that night, his birth-mother signed relinquishment on the 10th (when we first got to see him), ICPC came through the 12th, and we left to bring him home on the 19th when he'd hit the 4 lb mark and was eating all of his food from the bottle and not the NG tube.

He was very healthy to begin with (the NICU nurses called him a "feeder-gainer") and has grown like crazy.  He now weighs what our daughter weighed when she was born (just over 7 lbs) and he's progressing just like any other 2 month old - except in weight and height.

We feel so very blessed to be at the beginning of another adventure!

My love and thanks to ALL of you for your love, encouragement and support over the years.  It has truly been so wonderful to come here and know that I was never alone in my infertility.  I pray that all of you will find the endings (and or beginnings) you are hoping for!