Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just realized I hadn't updated on here in quite a while. I've been keeping track of everything on my own blog, but in case anyone was wondering:

After 14 days of shots (3 a day), we had our retrieval on Tuesday. It went ok--in my head, it could've gone better, but our RE thinks it's great. They got 10 eggs, 8 of which were mature and ICSI'd, and 5 of them fertilized normally. Tomorrow morning we're going in to have (most likely) 2 embryos transferred back to me, and hopefully freezing the other 3.

For the mean time, I'm trying to stay calm while doing my progesterone in oil shots (worse than the other ones but still not too terrible) and taking a nauseating antibiotic. I'm nervous for the transfer and praying everything goes ok. I've felt pretty calm this entire cycle, but now all I can think about is how much time, money, emotion, effort, etc. we've invested in this cycle. I have faith that it will turn out how the Lord wants, but that's not necessarily the same as what I want. Here's hoping this month is finally my turn!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

.reasonable IVF.

hey ladies.
i'm not quite ready for IVF, but i have a cousin and a friend who have both used a dr in american fork (dr. richard and dr. marrs) and have both had IVF there. it is almost half the price of the u or rcc. dr. marrs was trained by the guy who made the 2nd ever "test tube baby" so they are reputable. i know their IVF success rates are astronomical and they usually do your inital consultation free. has anyone had experience with these two.?? i'm NOT a fan of my new RE and i'm in the market for a new one.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Friend Tamra

Hi Ladies -

It's been awhile since I have posted. I just thought I would share this blog site with you - especially for those who have children through adoption or contemplating it. This blog is written by my good friend Tamra. She is a birth mother - you may have seen her on videos or on written pamphlets at LDS Family services - anyhow she is an amazing woman and offers a lot of perspective of adoption.

Anyhow here is the blogsite:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 Women's Conference

I loved the sessions this year. There was a lot of discussion about choosing faith over fear, in addition to finding contentment no matter what your circumstance or situations may be, and there was a lot of personal experiences shared regarding the trial of infertility.

Julie Beck gave a fabulous talk friday morning (it isn't online yet). She shared a story about visiting her YW advisor before she passed away at the age of 80. And she asked her if she had a good life. Her YW leader told her, " I've had a GREAT life! .... all for except the 10 years I spend trying to create my family." Sister Beck was struck by this comment, as her YW leader had experienced 80 years of life, raised 5 adopted children, lost one child early in life, watching many loved ones pass away and the various challenges and trials anyone may have in life. Sister Beck recognized what a great source of sorrow infertility was to her dear friend and to all those who carry this burden.

I have often wondered why infertility strikes such a deep cord, and I believe it is because our divine nature to create life. As women this is our purpose and when this is challenged, there is great sorrow.

As a mother of two adopted children, the sorrow is not as great as it once was for me. As I yearn for more children in my family .... I have to admit it, I love feeling acknowledged and validated by others who get it because sometimes it feels like the only voices we hear are from those who don't get it.

Enjoy the sisterhood is such a blessing of support!