Friday, September 10, 2010


Oh the drama.

On the Friday before Labor Day we sent out an email to our family members asking for them to fast and pray for us on Sunday since it was the final Fast Sunday before Erica was due.  We included our birthmom Erica's parents in the email.

After our family barbecue Monday night I came home and checked email, logged onto Facebook and there right in front of my eyes were photos posted by Erica of "baby K".  To say I was blindsided would have been a complete understatement.

I was guessing that she'd had the baby earlier that day, so I called her parents (remember that they are some of our closest friends since before our daughter was ever born) to get more info.

Erica's dad's response when I told him I knew?  "Yeah, she had the baby Thursday.  We were wondering when you'd find out."  SAY WHAT?

They knew that Erica had been avoiding us for months and that she wouldn't call us to let us know.  We'd sent out that email on FRIDAY asking them to join in our fast.  Heck, we'd even been texting back and forth with them on the night the baby was born, and they didn't say ONE WORD????  My heart just hurt so bad because I felt absolutely betrayed by them.  I mean, yes, it was Erica's responsibility to call us, but they absolutely knew she wouldn't call, and they couldn't just say, 'Erica had the baby, and we're trying to get her to call you'?

And yes, we already knew she was planning to keep the baby, so even though that hurts too, it really doesn't compare to the hurt we feel about her parents.  Logically, I know that they are, after all, HER parents, but with our relationship, I expected a little bit better treatment from them.  I called my mom and just sobbed for about 45 minutes straight about how hurt I was about finding out that way.

Erica called us the next morning to finally tell us what she should've told us months ago, and while I didn't talk to her, my wonderful hubby made sure that she was the one who said the words- he didn't fill in any of the blanks to make it easier for her.  (But for goodness sake, girl!  You're going to PARENT this child!  Put on your big girl panties and call the people you've led on for the past 4 months!)  He's so good with dealing with drama and he was clear about our feelings and the new boundaries we had to set in order to protect our daughter.  The unbelievable thing was that she was mad that I'd called her parents instead of her after seeing the photos on Facebook, and that's only because they called her and ripped her a new one for not calling to tell us.  It helped ease my hurt a little knowing that they'd called her, but I still don't know how to even talk to them about it yet.

So messed up.

The outpouring of love and support from our family members and friends has been absolutely amazing, and so far, we are hanging in there and trying to figure out what to do next.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adoption, anyone?

My friend contacted me the other day about a private adoption agency here in Utah that is looking for adoptive families.  I called them and spoke to someone named Dave who was super-nice and very helpful.  He mentioned that right now they are looking for adoptive couples because they have several birth-moms who haven't found the right families for their babies yet.  Right now they have 10 african american birth-mothers (one of whom just placed her baby yesterday) two are due in the next two weeks and the remaining 7 are due in the next two months.  The agency itself seems great (I googled them and only found one dispute with them from an out-of-state birth-father who wanted custody.), but since it is a private agency, the costs are significantly higher than LDS Family.  Dave said that they are on par with the national average of between $25K to $40K.  He also mentioned that they have on average about 110 placements a year and right now they only have about 40 couples in their system which means that their wait times tend to be significantly shorter than LDS Family's and range anywhere from around 2 weeks to 2 years.  The name of the agency is The Adoption Center of Choice and can be found here.  The phone number for adoptive parents is 801-224-2440.  I don't know if they will place with adoptive couples outside of Utah, so you might want to check if you decide to call.

As for us, the latest that we hear through the grapevine is that our birthmom will be coming to Utah either right before the baby is born or right afterward so that she can buy all the baby stuff here and haul it back to Illinois with her.  Bless her parents for being perceptive in knowing that she mainly wants to show the baby to her friends back here (her parents are more than ticked off at her), they told her that she could probably order most, if not all of it by mail, and that there was no reason to come.  We, of course, hear nothing about it from her, even though we've talked to her several times.

And yet with loads of prayers and fasting, we've managed to find peace with the situation.  We still hope she decides to place him, but if not, we know that Heavenly Father is in charge and knows what is best for our family...whatever that may be.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't know what to think

Well, with the military being so accommodating (not joking), it looks as if she will be keeping the baby.  She's cut off all communication with us, but is still talking to her parents.  They tell us a little, but I know its hard for them to be between their friends and their daughter.

I love her and I understand her desire to keep this baby, but I wish that she hadn't asked us to adopt this one before exploring all of her options.  A part of me is just so down, even though her parents think that there may still be a tiny sliver of a chance that she might place.

We're just continuing to move forward finishing our adoption paperwork and putting faith in the scripture that says that "all things will work together for your good".

Hope all is well with the rest of you!

Friday, June 11, 2010

No news

Nothing really to report.  As per usual, we aren't hearing much from our birthmom, and when we do hear from her, she hasn't mentioned anything about the baby.  We honestly don't know if this is good or bad.

We sent off another email to our caseworker yesterday asking her for some updates, so we'll probably hear back from her in the next week.

We also came across another potential issue: The Sailors and Soldiers Act.  The birthfather is on inactive duty in the military and that requires us to follow some additional rules... Still checking on all of that with LDS Family lawyers.

I'll let you know more when I do.

Thanks for all of the prayers!

Friday, May 21, 2010

More information

Okay, so here's the skinny:

Mimi's adoption was one of those that was "super-open", but her birth-mom moved to Illinois this past summer when she joined the military.   Due to the nature of the adoption, we've always had a good relationship with her and her family.   Anyway, she called us Wednesday after her ultrasound and asked my hubby if we would adopt this one too and of course he said yes, but there are some pretty big complications, the biggest of which is the fact that Illinois adoption law is so different from Utah law.  The other complication is from the birth-father who seems openly hostile toward the LDS faith in general and adoption in particular.  We are worried about it even happening and trying desperately to not get our hopes up.

Tamara, if you don't mind me asking, you said that placement was a "can of worms".  Mind if I ask you to share your experience?  We are super concerned about placement (if she ends up having the baby there) mostly because of the birth-father's hostility.  Although, the Illinois case-worker seems to think that with him living here in Utah, it would be better for her to give birth far away from him.  But our caseworker gave us the info on relinquishment of parental rights in Illinois, and now I'm worried because if she does give birth there, and he does NOTHING, he has 30 days following the baby's birth to make a claim, AND the agency has to provide proof that he was notified of the adoption plan.  Utah Law seems better because its 24 hours (or is it 48 now?) following the birth of the baby and his rights are terminated if he hasn't signed the birth-father registry (and you don't have to tell him about the adoption plan).


I think I just need to calm down and wait for things to unfold a step at a time...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lots of impossible stuff...

Gave a talk on Mother's day in my ward.  Lots of quotes from Sheri Dew and if anyone wants to read it, its located here.  It is kinda long, though.

Anywho, if you do actually click on over, please be careful what you post as what I'm about to say is still pretty confidential, and I don't want my family and friends freaking out because I didn't tell them...

Erica (my daughter's birth-mom) called Monday night.  She found out on Mother's Day that she is pregnant, but her fiance broke up with her about a month ago.  She is FIVE months pregnant, and still unsure about what she's going to do.  She's in the Navy right now, going through school (in Chicago at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center) for her specialty.  She isn't going to get kicked out for being pregnant, and it kind of sounded like she's thinking about parenting, although she did tell her mom (I talked to her yesterday) that she thought we would only be interested in adopting her baby if it is a boy. (Which isn't the least bit true.)

But I need some help here.  Have any of you had birth-mothers that lived out-of-state?  How did you handle the distance in the relationship?  Any ideas would be helpful!  I hope you all are doing well!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hey ladies.

just wanted to update.. it's been a week.

had my 2nd beta and it was exactly 150.. so dr. f thinks maybe 2?? ah.

i had another one drawn this past monday and it was 771 so it's still rising appropriately and we'll now just wait for heartbeat(s) at the end of may. thanks for all the well wishes, but we still have so FAR to go before we quit worrying. but once again, dr. f is AMAZING. 2 for 2.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.ivf #4.

hey ladies...

not sure who still reads this, but we did start the adoption process while we were pursuing our 4th ivf (2nd with SIRM). i'm happy to report that our first beta at 7dp5dt or 11 dpo was 52. we are pretty excited but still VERY aware that this could end up like last time. last cycle my first beta was 5, so 52 is a significant improvement and dr. f said if it's over 150 tomorrow that we may be having 2 :) we'll see tomorrow. hope you are all doing well.

oh, and we have 4 frosties! crazy how a different dr can improve the outcome so much!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

.let's talk about adoption.

hey ladies. it's me again. i really need your help now. i'm not sure if any of you know, but i actually miscarried last week...i know, ugh. and my dr. doesn't feel like we'll get much better results with another ivf... i think we'll still do one more in vegas cause we paid for it, but we are FOR SURE beginning the adoption process. and as i have prayed about adoption...i haven't felt peaceful about starting it, until this past sunday. my husband and i now KNOW that heavenly father is preparing the way for a baby to come to us and we want to listen. i'm almost sure we'll be using LDSFS so any ladies that have tips and info about how to make this smooth. i have requested the info packet and will attend the orientation in april...but are there other things i can be doing with our house, or with the profiles, etc?? we're SO excited... i finally feel normal again...and not so broken?

love you all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

.2nd beta.

so the results of the "real" 2nd beta is 26. i guess i really am pregnant. thanks for all the support ladies. but don't worry, i will never forget the heartache and can always be a listening ear. good luck everyone with everything you're doing..keep us updated.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


so i'm like, SUPER impatient. and was worrying all day yesterday about my "low beta" what did i do. i called dr. f to get him to order a blood test for today AND tomorrow, instead of waiting til tomorrow. he complied...he appeased me. so, i had my blood drawn today and my beta is now 10!! so it doubled in 24 hours. i'm ecstatic.. dr. f. is THE MAN...

thanks everyone for the nice comments and i'll keep you updated.

ashley o

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

.holy moly.

hey ladies. i keep checkin' this blog and it's pretty "quiet" and i wanted to get your opinion on this. so i just finished my 3rd ivf, first one with new RE in vegas. i loved my experience with SIRM and hope that what i found out today really means i'm pregnant! help me out guys.

so SIRM does your first beta at 8dp3dt (about 4 days earlier than most) and i just got my results ... beta = 5. so TECHNICALLY it's positive, but i know it's low, even for 8dp3dt. what do you guys think? too early to get excited? i hope not. i did have a positive hpt today but it's SOOOO faint. i just hope this isn't a chemical. that will suck.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

HI THERE!!!!!!

My long lost friends how are all of you??? I have missed you all so much and feel so bad I have not kept up on this blog better!!!! Life has been so busy but I think of all of you often. Alena, Welcome, Kerith I miss reading your blog. How is every one, what are you all up to, how is the fertility process coming along for each of you? I would LOVE to hear how you are all doing and see where everyone is at in the process. PLEASE PLEASE post some updates. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kerith, WHERE ARE YOU????

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Kerith? She dropped her blog and I don't have any way to contact her. If any of you have an email address for her (or if by chance Keri herself is reading this) could you email me at skiballswife at hotmaildotcom?

Thanks so much ladies!