Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hey ladies.

just wanted to update.. it's been a week.

had my 2nd beta and it was exactly 150.. so dr. f thinks maybe 2?? ah.

i had another one drawn this past monday and it was 771 so it's still rising appropriately and we'll now just wait for heartbeat(s) at the end of may. thanks for all the well wishes, but we still have so FAR to go before we quit worrying. but once again, dr. f is AMAZING. 2 for 2.



Dan and Stacy said...

Congrats so far and I hope in the end you will have one (maybe two) perfect little baby. Good luck with what is yet to come.

Jon & Kim said...

That is so exciting!!! You have to keep us updated on how things are going. TWINS would be awesome!!!!

I am hoping to get more traffic here soon so we will have more people wanting to communicate. It would be fun to hear from some of the others. What is everyone up to these days????

JAM said...

I need an amazing infertility Dr.! Who is Dr. F? Any info would be great. Thanks so much